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Apr 23, 2014

New Library Book - Stroke

The stroke book / edited by Michel T. Torbey, Magdy H. Selim. 2nd ed. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013

This new edition is a concise and practical reference for clinicians managing critically ill cerebrovascular patients. The text covers a wide range of common conditions such as ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, sub arachnoid hemorrhages, and intracranial aneurysms. Focused protocols are included for the treatment and management of stroke patients in the emergency room, ICU or ward settings. Each chapter includes algorithms, tables and summary boxes, and there is a new chapter that summarises clinical trials for stroke therapies. A useful reference for any clinician working with stroke patients.

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New Library Book - Skeletal Muscles

The A-Z of skeletal muscles / A. L. Neill. 4th rev. ed. St. Leonards : Aspen Pharmacare Australia Pty Ltd., [2010].

This pocket-sized book provides an alphabetical listing of all skeletal muscles of the human body. Each muscle is accompanied by full colour illustrations listing its most familiar terms. The text accompanying each illustration provides information on the origin, insertion, action, blood supply, nerve supply, nerve root origin, and function tests of each muscle. Capitalisation is used throughout the text to demonstrate each muscles and bones important components. A very useful reference for students or clinicians working in muscle examination, exercise or recovery.

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Apr 2, 2014

Mollison's blood transfusion in clinical medicine / Harvey G. Klein, David J. Anstee. 12 ed. Chichester; West Sussex : Wiley Blackwell, 2014.
This latest edition is the definitive reference for detailed information on blood transfusion. Written by two experts in the field, the book has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest information in transfusion medicine. There are new chapters on paediatric transfusion issues, peri-operative blood conservation strategies, and intra-operative cell salvage. In addition the chapters on blood cord transfusion and cord blood banking have been revised and expanded. Health professionals with an interest in blood transfusion will find this a most valuable reference. 

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Apr 1, 2014

New Library Books- Anaesthesia

Australasian anaesthesia 2013 : invited papers and selected continuing education lectures / editor, Richard Riley. Melbourne : Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, c2013
This book contains the latest papers and lectures presented by the various doctors in Australia and New Zealand health care sectors.It features a total of twenty six headings with bonus materials (video files etc) can be accessed via ANZCA website and QR codes enabled with smartphone technology.

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This new concise, fourth edition introduces the reader to the new and evolving anaesthetic equipment being utilise in hospitals today.This is a great reference tool for trainees for their FRCA exams and for the operating nurses in the anaesthesia department. It contains fourteen chapters, with six appendices and an alphabetized easy to follow index. Great for the senior staff to refer to as it gives the best possible answers to every questions with regards to a specific equipment.  

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Feb 18, 2014

New Library Book- Health Promotion

The newest edition comprises of nine informative chapters covering topics such as concept and values in health promotion, program development, health education and literacy, immunisation, screening, risk assessment and surveillance just to name a few. There are current case studies presented with primary health care in mind and reflective questions and answers for the reader to ponder. Listed insights and activities for health professionals and students to practice if they are involved with aspects of health promotion now and in the near future.

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New Library Book- Indigenous Australians and Health Service

Indigenous Australians and health : the wombat in the room / Edited by Ron Hampton and Maree Toombs. South Melbourne, Vic. : Oxford University Press, 2013
This book is written by two indigenous educators, Ronald Hampton and Maree Toombs, director of Indigenous health at University of Queensland with regards to community health services for Indigenous Australians. It provides historical evidence, explanations and cultural awareness with reference to health services and the Aboriginal societies. Details such as life expectancy, general well being are documented and presented in case studies and personal stories shared amongst the researchers. It's main feature, Fact boxes gives the reader up to date facts and dispels any per-interpreted ideas and concepts. An interesting and informative guide for anyone who is working with Indigenous Australians within the health care sector.

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Feb 17, 2014

New Library Book - Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation

Arterial bleed gas interpretation for the ACEM Fellowship Exam : 25 worked examples / Luke D. Lawton, Corrine A. Ryan. Brisbane, QLD. : Call the Doctors Publishing, c2013
This is an essential book for any doctor wanting to correctly answer the arterial blood gas question in the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine fellowship exam. This book offers 25 fully worked arterial blood gas questions, a structured approach for answering, referenced comments explaining major issues, and explanatory notes for major concepts and calculations. The questions are organised by complexity, allowing readers to advance at their own pace, and include measurements and calculations in kiloPascals (kPa) for doctors sitting the MCEM exams.

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Feb 14, 2014

New Library Book- Nutrition and health

An informative resource filled with healthy food guidelines (children, adults and expectant mothers), descriptions of GI indexes, nutritional dietary assessments, food standards and nutritional research. A total of 15 chapters filled with useful information, colourful pictures and charts. Within each chapter there are key points headings, research in practice, further readings and references list for the reader to engage in. There is a list of 28 case studies to review and a list of 15 controversies to exam/ study.

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